And you might be also wondering, where is the 'Godfather of Vinyl?'. Has Cult missed out on Michael's influence and somehow not included his work in their mission? The truth is very much the opposite...

Michael Lau is the artist who got me into vinyl in the first place, like many other collectors and creators. But I went one step further. I thought Michael was a genius. While I couldn't get a 12" Gardener, I was able to find all of them in deadstock 6" vinyl. Then the Crazychildren, SDCC, All of the NY-FATS and then LA-FATS.. The Nike Collabs- Michael Lau kept reinventing himself and reinventing the idea of art in three dimensions.


Not only did I aggressively collect Michael's work, but I got to know him. I wrote the introduction to his 10th Anniversary Gardener show, and interviewed him for a Mindstyle magazine. On a trip to Tokyo, I took three days off and went to Hong Kong to see his studio and spend time with him and Florence, his wife. When they came to LA, I took them to the craziest restaurant I could find. 

CULT deeply respects Michael and can't wait to put on the right kind of show, to reintroduce all of the Gardeners to the world. And so again, most of the pieces are in storage waiting for the season we can make this a reality. Sadly the Pandemic has pushed this show further away, but it's also given us an opportunity to do it right, and hopefully bring Michael and Florence here. Not that it'll be a new experience; after all it is the home of Nike, and Michael has designed some of the best Nikes of all time.

Please inquire with us about anything to do with Michael Lau, and we'll let you know when we finally get it put on the Calendar. We cannot wait. While waiting,  we'll put a few pieces up from time to time. It's just so hard when an artist only makes 'Grails'.