What is a Bearbrick?


Bearbrick (rendered Be@rbrick) is a collectible toy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated since 2001. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is a cartoon-style representation of a bear and that it is a variation of MediCom's Kubrick design. 

FIGURE: An anthropomorphized bear in simplified form with a pot belly. Each plastic figure features nine parts (widely referred to as tools in the toy industry): head, torso, hips, left and right arms, hands, and left and right legs; These nine tools allow eight points of articulation: swivel head, swivel waist, ball joint arms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs.

At CULT we created the now world famous Build-a-Bearbrick station you can assemble your own custom Bear from the disassembled vintage bears to create a totally unique one-of-a-kind personalized design. 

SIZE: The "original" size is referred to as 100% - with larger versions being scaled from that, as 200% (~5.5"), 400% (~11"), and 1,000% (~28") sizes. 

RARITY: The 100% series are released in "blindbox" format, meaning the specific contents of the box are hidden until opened. Each design in the series is limited to a very specific number, displayed on the side of the box as a percentage of the total series release.  Therefore each specific design can vary from the "common" (featuring one letter from the name Be@rbrick) to the extremely rare "secret" or "chase" Bear, which can achieve cult status and an very high value for passionate collectors. 

CULT has a large collection of open-box Bearbricks dating back to series 1, as well as a revolving offering of special releases in all sizes. 

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