WWR: 1/6 'Jung' dePlume | Ashley Wood x 3A

WWR: 1/6 'Jung' dePlume

Ashley Wood x 3A
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World War Robot: 1/6 'Jung' dePlume [2010].

Classic handcrafted 12" Action Figure by Ashley Wood x 3A. Never removed from its original packaging (even for the photographs and show), the figure is brand new (and 10 years old!). Jung includes all accessories and weapons, as well as custom clothing and quintessential gas-mask. One of the last of the original 12" dePlumes. Jungle colorway.

Closeup pictures are coming soon.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: In 2008, Australian artist Ashley Wood teamed up with ThreeZero, a leading producer of high quality action figures. Together they created ThreeA (3A), a company which dominated the world of high-end handcrafted designer vinyl for years. With full control over an entire factory of skilled artisans, Ashley and the ThreeA team painstakingly produced small numbers of figures of characters from each of his major stories: World War Robot, Popbot, and Adventure Kartel. Through bambaland.com and a membership system with ThreeA, collectors were given access to the holy grail of vinyl: highly detailed, weathered, beautiful stylized robots with over 30 points of articulation, and humans with cutting edge sculpts & incredibly detailed tailored costumes.

All pieces by Ashley Wood x 3A are new (deadstock) and 100% authentic. They've been removed from packaging for the first time, to display for our in-store show, and will be shipped upon close of the show, one week after March 1.

Please send a message to cult@cultpdx.com with any questions or for more information.