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Be@rbrick Series 35

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Be@rbrick (aka Bearbrick) is a collectible toy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated. Each plastic figure features nine parts (widely referred to as tools in the toy industry): head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs; These nine tools allow eight points of articulation: swivel head, swivel waist, ball joint arms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs.

In the 100% size (approx 3"), Be@rbricks are sold sealed in 'blindboxes', and the more desirable figures, often collaborations with artists and companies, are more rare. Series 1 was released in 2001, and series 40 is set to come out in 2021.

CULT is offering its selection of long-out-of print Be@rbricks, mostly from the 'Artist' and 'Secret' editions of Series 1-39. Please check the image and selection for detailed information about the condition and contents of each be@r, as returns cannot be accepted on unique collectibles. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

BEARBRICK SERIES 35: Released: November 2017

Total Objects: 30 different Bears. Breakdown is as follows:

 Basics: 9
Standards: 7
Artists: 4
Secrets: 10