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BUTT Magazine #15 Spring 2006

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About BUTT

In 2001, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom started BUTT, the pocket-size magazine by, for, and about homosexuals. Flash forward twenty-nine issues, three calendars and fifteen parties later, BUTT is still the place where gays can speak candidly about their ideas, work, and sex lives.

From offices in Amsterdam and London, BUTT continues to be the go-to destination for the frank interviews and erotically-charged photography that made BUTT magazine the most admired and influential gay-interest publication of the last decade.

Inside this issue: 

SPRING: by Walter Pfeiffer.
MIKE ALBO: Exhibitionist writer loves being naked. Interview by Adam Baran Portraits by Derek Jackson.
BOYS: by Paul Mpagi Sepuya.
TOP TRIO: Viktor and Rolf and Rufus Wainwright meet for exclusive Butt rendez-vous. Interview by Jop van Bennekom & Gert Jonkers Photography by Viviane Sassen.
COCK: by Juan-Dario.
PAUL RUTHERFORD: Frankie Goes To Hollywood star goes to New Zealand. by Gert Jonkers.
ED DROSTE: Singer of pop group called Grizzly Bear is tall and talented. Interview by Adam Baran Photography by Andreas Larsson.
THE BALL: by Eduard Xandri.
JUSTIN BOND: Kiki of performance duo Kiki and Herb kicks ass. Interview by Stephin Merritt Photography by Johnnie Shand Kydd.
KENNY MELLMAN: Herb of performance duo Kiki and Herb is amazing. Interview by Stephin Merritt Photography by Johnnie Shand Kydd.
LAST PAGE: Nasty Fucker music sheet Composed by Mikael Karlsson.