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BUTT Magazine #27 Fall 2009

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About BUTT

In 2001, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom started BUTT, the pocket-size magazine by, for, and about homosexuals. Flash forward twenty-nine issues, three calendars and fifteen parties later, BUTT is still the place where gays can speak candidly about their ideas, work, and sex lives.

From offices in Amsterdam and London, BUTT continues to be the go-to destination for the frank interviews and erotically-charged photography that made BUTT magazine the most admired and influential gay-interest publication of the last decade. Visit BUTT Magazine for more info. 

Inside this issue: 

LARD: Dutch artist-photographer with a bigger-than-average penis answers Gert Jonker’s uncomfortable sex questions. by Gert Jonkers.
MISS LACI: Cesar Padilla interviews a regular (who happens to dress like a happy hooker) at his favourite Louisville bar. by Cesar Padilla.
OBSESSION: Twenty positively obsessive pictures of one handsome Spaniard by his hopelessly smitten girlfriend. photos by Gabrielle Mangeri.
BIJOU THEATER: The only reason why Adam Baran went to jerk off in this two-level Chicago homo sex eldorado is… Photographed by Jacob Meehan.
STEVEN TOUSHIN: …to meet the owner who is one dirty old S&M-loving, fist-fucking, watersports-playing straight man. by Adam Baran, photos by Jacob Meehan.
BOOBS: A stunning pair of knockers photographed by Yusuf Etiman..
BOOBS: An homage to mammary beauty by Bruce Benderson..
POSTCARDS: Greek greetings from a straight guy who loves the gays. by Eleutherius.
TONY WARD: Fashion designer Jeremy Scott has a little chat with the multi-talented sexyman in Los Angeles. interviewed by Jeremy Scott, portraits by Robin Black.
STRAIGHT TO SWEDEN: The gayest-looking men on earth live in Stockholm, Sweden, even if they all turn out to be straight. photos by Andreas Larsson, casting by Johan af Geijerstam.
HETEROSEXUALISMS: Fabio Fanclub President by Felix Burrichter; Straight Bear by Jane Knox; Exotic dancer by Michael Bullock; Fag Hag by Adriano Sack; Husband and Wife by Michael Bullock; and Handyman by Xevi Muntane.