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BUTT Magazine #6 Spring 2003

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About BUTT

In 2001, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom started BUTT, the pocket-size magazine by, for, and about homosexuals. Flash forward twenty-nine issues, three calendars and fifteen parties later, BUTT is still the place where gays can speak candidly about their ideas, work, and sex lives.

From offices in Amsterdam and London, BUTT continues to be the go-to destination for the frank interviews and erotically-charged photography that made BUTT magazine the most admired and influential gay-interest publication of the last decade.

Inside this issue: 

HEINZ: by Heinz Peter Knes and Robert Brecko.
MATTHIAS HERRMANN: Artist from Vienna skips special dinner with Yoko Ono for exclusive interview. Interview by Jop van Bennekom Photography by Matthias Herrmann.
HERRMANN: by Matthias Herrmann.
BAUKE KORTLEVE: Homosexual party host and amateur artist used to have a horse. by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom.
LOUIS CRESPO: Top Hip Hop homo thug fucks Italian police officer at age of fifteen with stick. Interview by Michael Bullock Photography by Slava Mogutin.
CARL by Terry Richardson.
EDWARD BUCHANAN: Fashion designer from Leflesh is not into diagonal zippers for men at all. by Gert Jonkers.
ROGER PAYNE: Interesting artist is extremely well hung and lives next door to Boy George. Interview by Arnoud Holleman Photography by Andreas Larsson Drawings by Roger Payne.
PLUS: Two Pictures Submitted by Coach Rajko from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. One Picture Submitted by Nicklas Hultman from Göteborg, Sweden. One Picture Submitted by Kenan Akbas from New York, USA. One White House Envelope and One Picture Submitted by George W. from Washington DC, USA. One Picture Submitted by A. Winfrey from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Four Party Pictures Submitted by Tyler Ingolia from San Francisco, USA.
BUTT PAGE: by Wolfgang Tillmans