BUTT Magazine #8 Autumn 2003

BUTT Magazine #8 Autumn 2003

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About BUTT

In 2001, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom started BUTT, the pocket-size magazine by, for, and about homosexuals. Flash forward twenty-nine issues, three calendars and fifteen parties later, BUTT is still the place where gays can speak candidly about their ideas, work, and sex lives.

From offices in Amsterdam and London, BUTT continues to be the go-to destination for the frank interviews and erotically-charged photography that made BUTT magazine the most admired and influential gay-interest publication of the last decade.

Inside this issue: 

JOEL GIBB: Charming gay singer-songwriter and leader of outstanding Canadian band The Hidden Cameras is very single and interested in piss sex as a concept. Interview by Alex Needham. Photography by Viviane Sassen.
MATT BERNSTEIN SYCAMORE: Top whore from San Francisco writes and edits books about sex workers and is one of the 100 most interesting people on earth. Interview by Jim Gladstone. Photography by Jack Hunter.
MÄNNER: by www.moustache.de.
THOMAS ENGEL HART: Non-vegetarian, American men’s wear fashion designer living in Paris who loves to be beaten up every now and then and is married to a lesbian. Interview by Gert Jonkers. Photography by Katja Rahlwes.
ASIANPUNKBOY: Very last interview with happy Canadian bottom and artistic cocksucker deluxe from New York. Interview by Billy Miller. Pictures by asianpunkboy.
PICTURES: by Albert van Westing.
MADS TED DRUD-JENSEN: Fascinating danish activist and dedicated park slut from Copenhagen who really loves to go down on police officers in uniforms and has been arrested many times. Interview by Lars Erik Frank. Photography by Erik Pold.
DOUBLE BUTT PAGE: Self sex by Sander Plug