All-American IV: Otherworldly [2004] | Bruce Weber

All-American IV: Otherworldly [2004]

Bruce Weber
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All-American IV: Otherworldly by Bruce Weber [2004]

Sealed in publisher's shrinkwrap. New
Paperback; 144 pages
Little Bear Press
3.6 pounds; 9x12"

Otherworldly is the latest installment in a series of books created and published by Bruce Weber and Nan Bush. The series aims to celebrate the work of artists, essayists, photographers and poets who stand out as compelling examples of a uniquely American vision. The people who contribute work to these books reflect a wide spectrum of the American cultural experience. Each volume is also a very personal testament to individuals who have inspired Bruce's own work and imagination.

All-American IV: Otherwordly includes two projects by Bruce Weber: a photographic profile of the wrestler Kyle Maynard and a chapter devoted to the professional bear trainer Ruth LaBarge. In addition to these projects, All-American IV features the photography of Howard Bingham, paintings and prints by the California artist Millard Sheets, selected writings by the late Washington Star Columnist Mary McGrory, poems by Donald Justice, paintings by Bill Taylor and photographs by Charles Shannon, and photographs by Horace Bristol. Also included are chapters devoted to the war veterinarian Captain William Putney and the early film career of John Derek. In describing this volume, Bruce Weber has said, 'I want the book to have a feeling of discovery.' Readers are sure to agree.