Hollywood Skullyz Coolz Blindbox [2011]

Tabloid Hero
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Cult has acquired a vast collection of sealed blind boxes, from 2003-2022. As part of 'BlindboX-MAS', we're bringing them all out. Unless marked as a 'window box', all blindboxes are factory sealed with no knowledge of exactly which figure is inside. The figures range from early Eric So plush handmade animals, to Super7 soft vinyl, to figures made of wood, tea sets, and every series of Android (and more!). Quantities are VERY limited as we have 1-2 cases max. For a bulk deal or a case please contact us directly. We're sorry, but there are no returns on archived deadstock product.

First released in 2011, Hollywood Skullyz Coolz by Tabloid Hero:

Tabloid Hero have their first toy hitting the store shelves next week. Hollywood Skullyz is a line of characters that chilax and live large in hills of Hollywood. The first character that we meet is Coolz, a superstar on a mission to spread peace & love. These are window boxed, assorted designs with six variants.