Stuff (Japanese Edition) [2013] | Larry Clark

Stuff (Japanese Edition) [2013]

Larry Clark
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Stuff (Japanese Edition) by Larry Clark [2013]

New in Publisher's Shrinkwrap.
Paperback; 96 pages
0.5 pounds; 5 x 0.25 x 8 inches

Larry Clark (born 1943) is one of the leading American photographers and artists of the last half-century. His seminal first book, Tulsa (1971), remains incendiary today, and his directorial debut, Kids (1995), established his reputation as one of the most controversial and influential filmmakers of our time. Films that followed, such as Bully (2001) and Ken Park (2002) prompted the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) to advise parents to "hide your children." Clark's most recent film, Marfa Girl (2012), continues to refine his unique vision and art.

This artist's book presents Clark's famous collection of skateboards and skater shirts, which inspired him during the conceptualization and production of Kids. "When I thought about making films about teenagers in the 80s I wanted to make a film about skaters," Clark writes in his introduction to this volume. "I thought the visually most exciting and interesting kids were skateboarders. Kids back then were punk rock, maybe they came from bad families, but rather than getting fucked up, arrested, they found their family and their freedom in skateboarding. Before skateboarding was commercialized, the images found on skateboard decks and t-shirts, visually were the best images found anywhere at the time, everything else seemed to pale in comparison."

Limited Japanese edition of 1,000 copies.