New Balance 575 Low 'White Pigeons' [2009] | Size 10.5

New Balance 575 Low 'White Pigeons' [2009]

Size 10.5
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New Balance 575 Low 'White Pigeons' [2009]

Size 10.5; Deadstock

Colors: White / Salmon
Materials: Leather / Suede
Lining: Salmon Fabric
Sole: Salmon Solid

Note: Staple Pigeon (Jeff Staple design).

Information: Jeff Staple chose to use a model that has been popular overseas as a trail runner. The New Balance 575 is well-known in Japan and other places but wasn’t as known stateside. Jeff decided to not reinvent the wheel and chose to use the iconic pigeon color scheme and look but add a new twist to it. His inspiration was to create a white pigeon silhouette. The white pigeon is a rare sight to see within the city and he felt he could give the rare sight a little spotlight. This collaborative model consisted of a combination of premium leather and suede. The use of a moyen white added a more realistic look to this model and was used mimic the off white feathers of a white pigeon. White leather was used throughout the upper with hits of reflective materials on the toe box and side panels for an extra flair. The pair has a salmon pink bottom to resemble the feet of the feathery creature. To finish off this pair he couldn’t forget to add the embroidered pigeon. The left heel features a pigeon in flight and the other heel has a pigeon standing. Distribution of this pair was fairly limited and only prestigious sneaker boutiques and Barneys was able to carry this model.