Puma Clyde Low 'Mita '1,000 Bill'' [2016] | Size 8.5

Puma Clyde Low 'Mita '1,000 Bill'' [2016]

Size 8.5
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Puma Clyde Low 'Mita '1,000 Bill'' [2016]

Size 8.5; Deadstock

Colors: Printed '1,000 bill' with applied stones
Materials: Leather
Lining: White Leather
Sole: Whisper White Solid

Note: Anniversary Clyde x Mita retro, updated.

Information: Puma's Clyde X Mita Shoe collab features asymmetrical designs with different impressions on each shoe. The upper sole sports a dollar bill design with the NBA legend’s face in the center, a nod to Frazier’s eccentricity in his playing years. The inner upper sole sees the silhouette adopt colors of the New York Knicks, whom Frazier played for from 1967-1977.