Les Americans [2007] | Robert Frank

Les Americans [2007]

Robert Frank
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Les Americans by Robert Frank [2007]

Hardcover in Dustjacket; 180 pages
2.6 pounds; 8.74 x 0.83 x 9.72 inches

In 1955, Robert Frank crossed the United States. A cowboy, a tattooed man taking his nap on the grass of a park, the suffering of a woman who has just buried a loved one, a shoe shiner, a road, women toasting glasses; only eighty-four of his images were published in 1958 with indifference. This book has since become a photography classic. Deemed sad, perverse, even subversive by the American press of the time, its importance has nevertheless continued to grow over the years. Photographers, critics and the general public hailed Robert Frank as a true innovator. This book is not a report. It does not tell the story of a man's journey through the United States but brings together a series of notes taken on the spot, by a flayed alive.