Ruffle & Toast - Bangkok

Ruffle & Toast - Bangkok

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We're thrilled to have a selection of the large size of the long sold-out PUN PUN the Panda & RUFFLES the Pigeon figures.

Each figure is 7" tall, hand-painted, and in an elaborate gift box. They sold out upon release, but are brand new and unopened.

2018 release in Thailand. Edition of 250.

From the wizards at Coarse: Ruffle was just a lonely city pigeon. Toast was just a forgotten slice of bread. But when they met each other on the busy streets, Toast thought he had found real love. They went out dancing. They visited museums. Ruffle even wrapped Toast in her wings, and together they flew to highest buildings. Toast though, I am happy. Ruffle thought I am hungry.

This is the story of a love that has gone too far.

They like to sit in taxis, 
The go walking in the park, 
When Toast looks up at Ruffle, 
He sees no bird, He sees a Shark. 

Ruffle thinks she is a parrot, 
Ruffle thinks she is a dove, 
Ruffle munches on Toast's head, 
And says, “I think that this is love!”