The Pages Which Contain Truth Are Blank [2005] | Raymond Pettibon

The Pages Which Contain Truth Are Blank [2005]

Raymond Pettibon
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The Pages Which Contain Truth Are Blank by Raymond Pettibon [2005]

Fine/As-New. Hardcover; 132 pages
1.4 pounds; 6 x 1 x 9 inches

One hundred thirty-six drawings and paintings of Raymond Pettibon, one of the most famous and interesting artists in North America. Pettibon's drawings pitilessly critique contemporary culture, using the aesthetic traditions of comic, pop-art and popular culture. His primary theme is the failure of the 1960s subculture to resist authority and shake up the world. The philosophy behind Pettibon’s work is that the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson cult and the Altamont killing mark the collapse of the highflying hopes and demands of the generation of 1968. His work, full of frightening images, speaks openly of the continuing despair and disgust of a generation. Pettibon is a striking example of an underground artist who now represents of so-called high culture.